Route 66 Day 13: Who Knew?

Today we left Shamrock, heading to Amarillo Texas. The temperatures were a welcome 70 degrees and we relished it for a few hours until it climbed back into the 90’s. 

We passed some beautiful fields…I’m pretty sure this is the photo that goes under the definition: “Amber Waves of Grain”.

The artwork on the side of this barn seemed like a mirror image of the landscape.

We passed impressively large wind farms again, but this time we saw cranes, building the turbines. We had no idea this is how they were built. 

Watch this video about how wind turbines are installed ….who knew?

We also discovered some details we had missed before. We pulled over to the side of the road where a wind turbine was pretty close. We turned off the car, rolled down the windows and listened to the sound the turbines made as they turned. It was then we saw a set of stairs into the base. When we enlarged the top of the turbine, the detail and additional complexity was amazing.

As we went on, we came upon the Chuckwagon Restaurant in McLean, Texas. We enjoyed a great brunch and talk with the owner. She shared how she came to live in McLean, to own the restaurant, and how things have been changing in this small town. 

She encouraged us to check out the museums in town, and at first, we didn’t quite know what to think of a museum dedicated to barbed wire. Our friends Barbe and Thom also had this on the list of things to see, so with 2 votes in, that was it, we had to see!

We have to admit, it was fascinating! We learned so much about barbed wire. 

We learned there are actually collectors of barbed wire!

Who knew there were so many types/designs of barbed wire, and specialty tools to manufacture, install and maintain? We were surprised at the number of patents for barbed wire and tools.

We finished our tour and continued on old Route 66. These 2 grain silos are all that are left of the town of Conway, Texas.

Well, something did not go well here. 

It was a fun day on Route 66, and we learned a lot of new things. Our mantra for today was “who knew”? Being open to meeting new people, listening to their stories, and learning about the things that are important to them, is such a gift of traveling. 

Who Knew?

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