Route 66 Day 18: Wait….What?

Today we left Albuquerque and headed west continuing our Route 66 Trip through New Mexico. 

The landscape shifted outside the window between grassland, shrubs, trees, lava fields…… 

Wait, what? Lava Fields? Yup, we drove by the McCarty lava field today- it was striking. Apparently, these are the youngest and longest lava flows on the continent. 

Some of the beautiful rock formations we passed.

Apparently there are a number of ancient volcanos near Albuquerque. 

The rock formations were beautiful and there were clouds that seemed to nestle the tops. 

We continue to be surprised at the amount of eastbound rail traffic with a variety of containers. Today we saw at least 6 trains, all with 4 engines pulling what seems like an infinity of cars.

We stopped at Red Rock Park. This formation is called Church Rock. I wonder what the guy with the guitar is going to play?

Today felt a little lack luster. We missed the excitement of new discovery, until we realized the new discovery was in places we least expected. Discovering rocks we thought someone had dumped into a pile were actually lava flows; appreciating that trains come by so frequently, horses keep grazing and give them no mind; and realizing that these sea containers most likely came off a ship, maybe in the Port of Los Angeles, and travel by truck or train across the country. 

Even more so, that in a short period of time we became acclimated to the scenery of rocks and clouds that act like blinders on a horse; we keep looking forward, thinking everything looks the same, until something seems out of place, and we have a “wait…what?” moment. 

I always say we need days of sameness, days of commonality, to help us appreciate days that are very very different. 

We will wait… see what tomorrow brings. 

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