Route 66 Day 20: Takin’ It Easy

We enjoyed the Petrified Forest National Park so much, we decided to get up early this morning and be at the park when it opened, to catch early morning star shine on the rock formations. 

The difference of the early morning light, with coolness in the air, truly did make the colors pop and we saw the rock formations in new ways. 

After revisiting our favorite spots, we had a leisurely breakfast as we had arranged for a late check out at our hotel. We wanted to take it easy today, a short travel day to Winslow Arizona. 

We are staying at a Route 66 classic motel: Earl’s Route 66 Motor Court. The history is rich: built in 1952, and called the Marble Motel, Floranel and Lee Earl bought the motor court in 1974. The current owners, Angela and Blas bought the motel in 2018 and are devoted to maintaining it as a Route 66 icon. 

When we arrived, we were greeted by Buffalo, the most easy lay back dog we ever met! Angela showed us our room which was so comfortable and absolutely shining clean! We instantly felt comfortable and fortunate to have the opportunity to stay. 

I think the other reason we liked the energy here, is that Lee Earl was a photographer, and had a studio in one of the rooms here at the motel. 

As Art and I relaxed in the garden as the sun began to set, Angela brought us watermelon and berries, which were WONDERFUL! As we were enjoying our food and the sunset, a hummingbird moth enjoyed some snacks too!

The soft orange sky sunset was a compliment to the the green neon lights of the motel. 

We are sleeping on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, takin’ it easy.

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