Route 66 Day 22: Grand Designs

We have enjoyed being near the Grand Canyon so much we decided to make it a 2 day de-tour!

We woke early before sunturning and travelled to a spot to capture the morning rays. There was a beautiful light yellow/orange glow to the horizon. There was also a wonderful silence- I’ll call it Canyon quiet- it is such a very deep quiet. It reminded me of snow quiet- the kind of quiet you hear after a snow fall, a special quiet unique to the snow. This unique quiet of the canyon seems to offer a feeling of vastness and peace. 

The moment of sunturning as the sun peeks over the canyon wall.

We enjoyed sharing the sunturning with others who ventured out in the early hours- some to watch, some who also took photos, some who braved the canyon walls and climbed down to gain a different vantage point as the sunlight brought the canyon walls to life. My momma brain was silently screaming in the canyon quiet “What are you DOING? That is NOT safe- BE CAREFUL!” 

After a few deep breaths and some additional silent safety prayers, we focused on capturing the ever changing light show in the canyon. 

With the sun up and established in the sky, we travelled the rest of the south rim road and visited all the stopping points, each offering a different view, a different texture and color design. 

We enjoyed exploring more around the canyon, and decided to come back again for sunset. The clear night sky offered some pretty sunset photos.

Sunset glow over the canyon.

We always say, look behind you when you are shooting photos, sometimes the best ones are behind you. Art caught this great shot leaving the point. 

With the moon not up as high, Art caught a bit of the Milky Way.

The rest of today we spent in travel quiet- the quiet that surrounds us as we reflect on our experiences, play with our photos, and consider how we have come to be on the last portion of our Route 66 adventure. 

We are here, we are sure, because of some grand design. 

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