Route 66 Day 23: Thank You, Thank You Very Much

We returned to our Route 66 travels this morning as we said goodbye and thank you to the Grand Canyon. We enjoyed our time in the wilderness so very much. 

We never quite know what the flavor of the day’s travel will be. Today’s flavor seemed to be fun.

What’s more fun than acres and acres of yellow flowers lining your path? They carpeted the flatlands and flowed up onto the hillsides.

We drove through the town of Williams with a super busy downtown. This old Route 66 town seems to be doing pretty well, it was fun to look at all the signs and shops. 

The next small town we visited was Ash Fork. They are the Flagstone Capital of the USA- and we passed several semi flatbeds loaded with flagstone. Aside from flagstone, they appear to enjoy putting cars on their roofs. 

Burma shave signs greeted us through the town of Seligman; click through the slide shows to read them!

We enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant, and when we finished, were treated to one of the most beautiful sunsets of our trip.

Remember I always say, look behind you when taking photos, sometimes the best ones are hiding there!

While the night sky was too cloudy for Milky Way and star gazing, the lights from our motel lit up the evening.

Our big fun this evening is writing to you from the Elvis room at our motel. It is a tribute room with Elvis’s photos, gold records, and decorated in fun!

We hope that you had something fun in your day, that made you smile, feel like a king, or maybe made you feel all shook up. And if so, we hope it made you want to say “Thank you, thank you very much”. 

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