Route 66 Day 24: A Close Shave!

We were greeted on the route today with beautiful billowy clouds that looked like exclamation points over the scenic rock formations.

We also enjoyed a long stretch of Route 66 peppered with Burma-Shave signs! Art and I quickly coordinated capturing the signs- Art keeping the car at a constant speed while I photographed the signs as we passed by. Most had their Burma-Shave sign at the end, some were missing. 

In-between the signs we passed changing landscapes.

More Burma-Shave signs!

We love the texture in this rock.

Notice the train with the sea containers in the background with this one!

And another one!

I love this photo….the single tree looks like a piece of broccoli in the field!

Some of the fields we passed were brilliant in color.

As we finished our day of traveling, we landed in Kingman, Arizona. We decided to go out for some coffee (OK, it was ice cream, I said there would be ice cream!) and see if we might be able to see a sunset, as the sky had been filling with clouds all afternoon. 

With the sky totally overcast with clouds, we headed back to the hotel. Waiting to make a left hand turn on a 6 lane roadway, the rental car auto-stop-start kicked in and when Art tried to go the Auto Start didn’t! The car went dark. We couldn’t shift it, couldn’t even push the start button, nothing. 

If this were in Northern Virginia I am sure we would have been serenaded by honking horns and all kinds of sign language. The left turn arrow turned green, and Art jumped out to let the car behind know we were having troubles. The gentleman pulled alongside and asked if he could help us out, and the driver behind him offered too. Not knowing what was wrong, but pretty sure our future involved a tow truck, we thanked them and they kindly wished us luck and moved on. 

Well…dang we were in a tight spot. Art called the police and asked for an officer to help with traffic as we were blocking the lane and it was now getting dark. Within a minute, a Kingman police car pulled up behind us with lights going. We felt safer that the other drivers were now aware. Another police officer arrived and talked to Art about what happened. He got behind the wheel and started trying to get it going. He used the emergency key, and somehow got the car started! We were so relieved, and the officers were so helpful and kind. With the car now running, we turned off the auto-stop-start, and headed to the hotel. 

We were in our own Burma-Shave ad!

Once back at the hotel, we called the rental car agency. They were very helpful and gave us direction on what to do in the morning. We couldn’t really trust the car, so we are wondering if we will make it to California!

Stay tuned!

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