Route 66 Day 4: Playing In The Rain

I loved playing in the rain as a kid. Splashing in puddles, the coolness of the rain on a hot summer day. Ehhhh, not so much as an adult, and especially with a camera! 

We got to play in the rain today as midwest rain storms welcomed us on the road. Impressive clouds and torrential rain sent us into a parking lot for almost an hour, to let the heaviest rains pass. In between rain showers we got out and saw some great sights!

A view through the front window during the rain storm.

Some of the magnificent clouds filling the sky. 

We really enjoyed visiting Lincoln, Illinois. Madigan State Park was a surprising discovery. Early morning the forest was quiet with the exception of rain dripping from the trees, and the occasional call of eagles in the distance. 

Another memorable visit was to President Lincoln’s Tomb. A truly beautiful memorial. 

We left Lincoln Illinois and travelled through many small towns with abandoned old signs and restored stations. 

We visited Henry’s Rabbit Ranch which was a photographers candy shop!

As Art mentioned in a previous post, we are perfecting the art of “Route 66 Paparazzi” photo shooting. As we drive along, we see something that catches our eye, and Art is doing such a great job driving and negotiating the roads to get us in the right spot for a shot. The real fun is hopping out while it’s raining, jumping in some puddles, and enjoying the coolness of the rain. 

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