Route 66 Day 6: Show Me, Missouri!

Today we spent a beautifully sunny day driving through the picturesque Missouri Countryside.

One striking observation was the number of armadillos we saw at the side of the road. Armadillos appear to be the equivalent of Northern Virginia squirrels in frequency. Ok, most sadly, all the armadillos we saw today were, well, what is the polite description…road kill? Poor things. 

Despite the carnage, we enjoyed following old Route 66 spotting several abandoned buildings, old signs and vehicles. 

Some new things we learned; Edmund Hubbel was born in Marshfield , Missouri, then before the age of 1 moved to Wheaton Illinois. Marshfield has a small replica of the Hubbel space telescope in the center of town to commemorate the fact he was born there. Once a Marshfielder, always a Marshfielder. 

We drove on the only 4 lane section of Old Route 66 in Missouri called Hooker’s Cut. It was a bypass to accommodate traffic at Fort Leonard Wood. Who knew?

This is the Devils Elbow Bridge. Very picturesque, and in 2017 Flooding was so severe the water rose to cover the bridge deck, while homes and stores were badly damaged, some destroyed. This is a beautiful town and hope all have been able to rebuild and recover.

Oh and one of the most exciting things we learned….Elvis and his mother stayed just 2 doors down from our very room at the Best Western Rail Haven in Springfield. Imagine that! Well, we couldn’t get a photo of his room, but we did take some cool night time photos of the hotel sign and an old car on the property. 

It was another great day on Old Route 66! Missouri had a lot to show us, and we look forward to more tomorrow!

Art’s View From the Driver’s Seat:

I am NOT buying fudge from Uranus. ‘Nuff said. 

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