Route 66 Day 7: OOOOOOOk-La-Homa!

As we travel along, lots of old show songs keep popping in our heads. Today was the musical Oklahoma. We left Springfield, Missouri this morning after a fantastic stay at the Best Western Rail Haven Motel (We highly recommend when you take your Route 66 trip!), and traveled through Kansas into Oklahoma.

Kansas went by really quick! There is a total of 11 miles of Route 66 through Kansas, so just as we were settling in enjoying the view…”Thanks for visiting Kansas and Welcome to Oklahoma”!

Before Kansas was more scenic driving through Missouri’s rolling countryside, old gas stations, old road signs, and then we came upon an oasis of Route 66 history and lifestyle: Gary’s Gay Parita (Read more of the history of this phenomenal place on Route Magazine). 

We spent time talking with George, who shared the history and hopes for Gay Parita. 

He showed us the garage, and it brought back so many memories for me; the pedal ride on toys hanging in the rafters ( I had a blue sedan when I was little); tricycles, and a doll stroller.

After a wonderful visit, we travelled on and recorded more sights and scenes along the way. Sadly the Route 66 Drive In is Closed. 

We ate lunch at a neat deli in Carthage, Missouri, and the Carthage court house was beautiful!

As we settle in for the evening, we are excited to begin exploring Oklahoma tomorrow. 

Art’s View From The Driver’s Seat:

I blinked! Did we actually go through Kansas?

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