Route 66 Day 9: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

We decided to get an earlier start to our travel today, which allowed us to take in a brilliant sunrise in Catoosa OK. As we headed out, we didn’t really know where we would “land” today. 

Today turned out to be a day of signs- literally. We passed so many old Route 66 business signs, abandoned signs, we lost count. It was fun spotting them from the road, and driving through small towns and seeing old signs maintained to carry on the tradition. 

Welcome to Tulsa! 

Some vintage and new vintage style signs.

We could only imagine how these signs looked at night, alight in all their glory. 

Buck’s Cosmic Curios statue was as curios as his sign.

This old Montgomery Ward sign caught our eye.

We had lunch at Rock Cafe!

Signs are good: they are like a compass, they let us know if we are headed in the right direction. After a day filled with signs, we landed in Oklahoma City, all the signs pointed to this being a great place to settle in for the night.

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