Not Caps Practice: Plan B

We charged up our batteries, formatted our cards and headed out to Ballston to photograph the caps at their latest scheduled full practice. The crowds were super light, and sadly, there was absolutely no sign of the caps or hint of a practice.

Turns out, it was cancelled. Feeling a bit disappointed, we headed out to the lobby to formulate Plan B when one of the Iceplex folks let us know the Chicago Blackhawks were in town for Thursday’s game and would be on the ice for their practice in about an hour! Instant Plan B! (Plan Blackhawks!)

After grabbing lunch at a nearby restaurant, we headed back to the Iceplex and sure enough the Blackhawks took the ice and we captured some great action shots of their practice. It was interesting to watch another team running different drills and activities.

Sharing a few of our shots. Many more to go through!

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