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Caps Practice!

We are a hockey family….Art and our son both played ice hockey, and we are loyal Washington Capitals fans. We certainly enjoy games, however those do not really lend themselves to taking photos, so the next best thing? Caps Practice! Yesterday and today we spent a couple of hours watching and taking photos at the…

Traveling The Mother Road: Route 66

Traveling The Mother Road: A Route 66 Road Trip

Route 66 Day 1: We’re Back!

After more than a year of cancelled and postponed travel, Art and I embarked on a trip we have dreamt about for awhile- traveling historic Route 66 from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California.We have been planning this trip for months, hopeful everything would come together to get us back out on the road. Our…

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Route 66 Day 2: Coming Home

Where we love is home- home where our feet may leave, but not our hearts Oliver Wendall Holmes This morning we woke early at 5 AM to begin our travels on Route 66. Our first stop was the “Begin” sign in Chicago. We got up so early to avoid the worst traffic. That at least…

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Route 66 Day 4: Playing In The Rain

I loved playing in the rain as a kid. Splashing in puddles, the coolness of the rain on a hot summer day. Ehhhh, not so much as an adult, and especially with a camera!  We got to play in the rain today as midwest rain storms welcomed us on the road. Impressive clouds and torrential…

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Route 66 Day 6: Show Me, Missouri!

Today we spent a beautifully sunny day driving through the picturesque Missouri Countryside. One striking observation was the number of armadillos we saw at the side of the road. Armadillos appear to be the equivalent of Northern Virginia squirrels in frequency. Ok, most sadly, all the armadillos we saw today were, well, what is the…

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Route 66 Day 7: OOOOOOOk-La-Homa!

As we travel along, lots of old show songs keep popping in our heads. Today was the musical Oklahoma. We left Springfield, Missouri this morning after a fantastic stay at the Best Western Rail Haven Motel (We highly recommend when you take your Route 66 trip!), and traveled through Kansas into Oklahoma. Kansas went by…

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Route 66 Day 8: The Star of The Show

We spent the night in Miami (pronounced My-am-uh), Oklahoma. When we arrived we drove through the main part of town and saw a beautiful building that really stood out among the others on the main street. We learned it was the Coleman Theatre Beautiful. We were happy to see they offered tours, and before hitting…

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