Route 66 Day 11: Blowin’ In The Wind

Day 11 dawned with a cool breeze in Oklahoma City. Before we left, we wanted to take in a few more sites in Oklahoma’s State Capitol. 

The Gold Dome was built in 1958, and is currently undergoing renovations to turn it into a performance venue. 

We love this Milk Bottle Grocery; the store was built in 1930 and the large milk bottle added in 1948. 

As we were driving through out of the city we came across this donut shop…get it? LOL!

Next stop…the State Capitol. When we arrived, they were removing oil holding tanks from the front. The Oklahoma State Capitol still has a working oil well. This was no longer being used, so the Oklahoma Environmental Management Authority is removing the tanks and reclaiming the land. 

The State building has beautiful architecture. 

We headed back out to Old Route 66, and travelled on some original stretches of highway. One of the first things we noticed other than the expansive some flat, some rolling landscape, was the WIND! It was not just a strong breeze, it was serious, send tumbleweeds rolling, bird cruising wind. 

We did pass a large wind farm.

When we passed this farm with trees, you can see the motion of the wind in the trees.

Today’s travel took us across a couple of picturesque bridges.

This one looked good going too!

We passed some old barns and windmills, the Hydro Public Library, and Yukon’s Best Flour site. 

We landed tonight in the town of Weatherford. We jokingly asked the hotel clerk if it was always so windy here, and in fact, turns out Weatherford is the windiest city in the state of Oklahoma, bonafide by studies at the University of Tulsa. In fact, the town had 278 days with winds greater than 10 MPH. It’s a geographical oddity. 

Weatherford has a wind turbine blade on display in a park, we thought we’d keep with the wind theme and check it out. It was massive! If you look really closely at the tip of the blade on the right, you will see Art taking a photo. What this photo doesn’t show is the tip is curled in a bit. Amazing!

Another memorable, enjoyable day on Route 66, and especially fun to go where the wind takes us. 

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